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Ikerketa aplikatua

About Us


"We are doing Applied Social Research since 1967."

In Siadeco S. Coop L.  ( Applied Research Society  for Community Development) we are devoted to research, consultancy and planning in areas such as social town planning, socioeconomics, sustained development, social services, communication, education, culture, gender equality, sociolinguistics, sociological research, market research and surveys.

Siadeco has been working in applied social research for over 40 years. It is the most experienced company in the field, a pioneer in the analysis of new phenomena, tendencies and socioeconomical issues.

Straightforward with our objectives.

Siadeco is an independent body, unrelated to any other company, organisation or institution and therefore a source of impartial and objective information. It is solely financed by the services rendered.

"Our principles are the starting point."

In 1967 a small group of people from various professional backgrounds, sharing a social concern and the will to help their community, decided to grant extreme importance to the need of producing comprehensive information, specially in economic and social terms, seeking an interdisciplinary interpretation of our reality which is increasingly complex.

As a result, the “Applied Research Society for Community Development” a.k.a Siadeco was born, a co-op with no profit motive in the belief that this was the means that showed best the spirit of service that guided the original group.

Since then, Siadeco remains faithful to the principles of identity gathered in its Foundational Act.

  • Our work is devoted to social development.
  • Both our internal functionality and project methodology are committed to respect people and their freedom of choice.
  • We give priority to the projects which reflect the basic needs and interests of the citizens.
  • We are an independent scientific and technical team that guarantees unbiased applied research.