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Ikerketa aplikatua

How we work

Techniques and Analysis

"The creativity of our analysis helps us create new realities."

Information is the raw material of our applied research and consultancy services. Both direct and indirect (documentary).

Direct information is not provided on a physical support, therefore it has to be generated and discussed.

Siadeco is specialised in methods and techniques of compilation and analysis of direct information. Based on the following:

  • Experimentation
  • Direct observation.
  • Varied survey and enquiries of social universes and samples.
  • Varied qualitative techniques, such as in-depth personal surveys and many group techniques.
"We apply the most advanced research techniques."

Depending on the compilation methods and information employed, as well as the hardware and software required in the process, we classify our direct information analysis in two main groups which often complement each other:

  • Quantitative: This ranges from discriptive statistics to advanced multivariate analysis.
  • Qualitative: attribute, motivation, thematic analysis and its frequency, semantic content analysis, action process, intensity analysis, solution analysis focused on stimuli, analysis of creative projective techniques, etc.

In projects with standarized objectives, such as activities related to marketing and market research, the above mentioned techniques are conected to very specific analytical processes: market segmentation research, motivation surveys, shopping slowdown, product testing, customer satisfaction surveys, etc.