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Ikerketa aplikatua

How we work

Methodology and organization

"We optimize operational efficiency: the more efficient we are themore efficient we make you and viceversa."

We follow the principles of the scientific method, where rigorous planning, the ability to respond to unforeseen circumstances and flexibility in the procedure are basic to achieve new findings as well as the benefits derived from its understanding and implementation.

The planning and initial design takes into consideration the scope, objectives, content, methodology, deadlines and resources required by the project.

The ability to respond to the unforeseen refers to those situations, approaches, findings… that arise during the methodological process and are impossible to anticipate in previous stages of the design though essential for it to succeed.

The term flexibility relates to the need of adapting the methodological process to the true requirements of the project.

All our projects are subject to maximum operational efficiency criteria, understood as the optimization of the relation between resources and results. We operate according to our own model of management excellence.

"In our own range of projects I+D+i (investigation, development and innovation) we develop the greatest creativity."

All stages and tasks in our projects are carried out entirely by our work teams.

The main functional areas of our company are the following:

  • Investigation management.
  • Project management.
  • Bussiness management.
  • Creative production.
  • Field work and IT systems.
  • Data base, operation and analysis management.
  • Administration and documentation.

Our projects and services are defined by the aim of our work and the client’s requirements. Nevertheless, research as understood in Siadeco never ends. Innovation is the result of continuos research. For that reason we have a highly creative own line of work in projects related to investigation, development and innovation (I+D+i).